Dubai Customs announces usage of inventory system starting 1/1/2019 for all FZ Companies.

Dec 11, 2018

For the purpose of Customs Inventory Audit, starting 1/1/2019 Dubai Customs will unite the features of the inventory systems used by all companies holding Free Zone trade license in Dubai. This is applicable to all commercial and industrial companies operating under licenses issued by any of the free zones in the Emirate of Dubai and issued a customs code by Dubai customs.

1)All FZ companies that don’t have an inventory system, should implement a new inventory system which complies with the requirements of Dubai customs before 1/1/2019.

2)All FZ companies who already have inventory system in place must develop it to meet the specifications required by Dubai Customs before 1/1/2019.

The objective of this is the possibility of issuing reports stored by the company’s corporate systems correspond to the system of the customs messenger and assist in the customs auditing either by Dubai customs or by the companies to check themselves and thus avoid the existence of unjustified differences, resulting in financial claims (customs duties/fines).