Customs Clearance Services

For the purpose of simplifying and facilitating the services to the clients of Terminal Customs Consulting in the field of customs clearance and organizing customs data for the different customs conditions; we have strategic partnerships and memorandums of understanding with a number of approved clearance companies.

In order to provide comprehensive consulting and customs services in the following manners:

  • The services of:
    • Organizing customs data and clearance for all customs conditions.
    • Organizing the bills transfer process within the free zones.
    • Obtaining the facilities of permits to enter / exit from the free zones.
    • Organizing aggregated customs declarations for fragmented shipments.
    • Providing customs declarations pertaining to the temporary entry and the customs guarantees imposed on the customs declarations.
  • The procedures of following up the refund of the guarantees for the import declarations with the import of the re-export.