Knowledge Development in Customs Valuation

Terminal Customs Consulting is proud to announce its venture development plan in Customs Valuation.

The plan has been developed with the view of offering a structured knowledge in customs valuation and its concepts.

Our plan will cover the WTO Rules of Valuation, handling different topics under differing scenarios, where the knowledge will be gained would enable the understanding of the customs value analysis, implications, benefits and issues.


  • The six methods of determining Customs Value.
  • The legal basis for establishing the customs value of goods.
  • The primary and alternative methods of valuation and when to apply them.
  • The mandatory and optional adjustments to the transaction value.
  • The correct way to calculate customs value based on the common customs law of GCC states and article (7) of GATT 1994.
  • The knowledge of the International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS 2010).
  • The procedures of post clearance audit in Dubai customs.
  • The WTO valuation agreement.
  • Applying the transaction method and adjustments under article (8) of WTO.
  • The concept about the supporting documents related to the transaction value.
  • Customs requirements and Customs needs.